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Canada Study Visa Consultants In Jalandhar

Studying Abroad in Canada is a great experience for Indian students. After receiving offer letter from Canadian university, one needs to get study permit to study in DLI in Canada. If one is applying after 31 Dec,2018, then biometrics are mandatory. In order to apply for study permit, copy of acceptance letter from DLI is required. GIC of $10000 is also mandatory for student. One has to pay tuition fees for the first year study in Canada. Minimum IELTS score for 6 in English is required. One has to provide copy of confirmation of medical examination. The applicant has to convince the immigration officer that he will leave the country after the completion of studies in Canada.

One can apply online for his or her study permit. One can apply on paper too for the visa. The Student Direct Stream is the new fastest application process for the study permit. The processing time is 45 days for SDS. Indian students having 6 Bands can apply under SDS Program. The Guaranteed Investment Certificate is required for getting study permit. One has to show sufficient funds to cover living expenses in Canada. There is no age limit for Canadian student visa. Indian students can work part time while studying in Canada. One is required to work for two years before applying for PR. One has to submit Statement of Purpose giving the reason to study in Canada. Studying in Canada gives many benefits to Indian students. It is a dream study destination for international students.

Canadian universities are having first class infrastructure and providing quality education to its students. Moreover, Canadian degrees are globally recognized. The tuition fees is also lower as compared to other study destinations. The procedure of visa application normally takes three to four weeks. The study permit is a mandatory immigration document for all students who wish to study in Canada. Apply for your next Canadian Intake now. WE can help and guide you in choosing the right course and help in getting your Study Permit from India.

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